Writer, Abuelita, and cat trainer. Sandy has loved writing since she studied the beatnik poets in Marin County in the 1970’s, and, now that she has retired, she has delved into her writing full force. In addition to short stories and poetry published in the Baca Writing Club’s anthologies, she has written a historical novel set in the colonial times in Rhode Island. This novel, A Thousand Stars, is available at in both Kindle and paperback format. Her second novel, That Beautiful Season, is set in the farmlands of rural Maryland during and following the Civil War … a story of the love of the land and love of family, a family thrown into turmoil through the secrets and sorrows of war.

Sandy is currently working on a short story set in early Texas … and that is how her first two novels began ….

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, she majored in English and French literature. Before retirement, she worked in the field of labor-management relations and was an ESOL teacher for the Fairfax County Public Schools evening classes.

Originally from Glasgow, Delaware, and growing up as a USAF “brat,” she has lived throughout the USA and on islands in both the Pacific and Atlantic. She is a lover of road trips and ceaselessly yearns for sabbaticals in the desert mountains of the Big Bend of west Texas. Ms. Murphy now resides in central Texas but dreams of living in Marfa.



photo: Alex Ray


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