The Hoary Pirate

The Hoary Pirate

Argh, Argh, hey, hey!
This is one helluva day.
Long ago I was a knave,
You never saw a mate so brave.

But now my knee is giving way,
Its bend is out of joint,
Spilling me over with each ship’s sway.

Argh, argh, hey, hey!
Batten down the hatches
Before the gales blow me away.
This has been one helluva day.

My parrot flew cross the ocean blue.
He pecked my nose and bid me Adieu,
Called me “scallywag” as away he flew.

Argh, argh, argh, hey!
Splice the mainbrace,
Spill out the rum.
Raise your cup to this old bum.

Me Man ‘o War’s ready to bout.
The battle’s amidst this archipelago,
And I yet roll with vertigo.

Argh, argh, argh, aaaarghhh!
This Seadog’s been around too long.
Soon to walk the plank, three sheets in the wind,
Knowing well Davy’s Locker I soon will tend.


Image by Andrey Golubev.

© by Sandra Fox Murphy. All rights reserved.